MicrodB représenté à JSAE 2016

Our partner Siemens presented a paper co-written by MicrodB at the JSAE annual congress from 25 – 27 May 2016 in Yokohama.

The paper, entitled « Determining sound power or contribution of components using 3D sound source localization and multi-array : application to engine test bench and wind tunnel » addresses a method designed by MicrodB to synthesize a complete sound field and then accurately compute sound power results on a complete engine or vehicle using 3D models that can also serve to estimate the power of different individual components.

The paper briefly presents this method and details 2 applications: an engine on a test bench and a car in a wind tunnel. Each context is presented, as well as the approach used,  the results obtained and the analysis performed to evaluate the contribution of each component to the total radiated sound power.