P3A joint laboratory of MicrodB and Celya

Carried by the acoustic Lyonnais Centre (Célya Labex), the joint laboratory P3A recently labeled by the ANR, was built at the crossroads of three skill areas Lyon’s internationally renowned entities. By bringing together academics and private partners on a topic of research in full development, for which a strong industrial demand is present, the Labcom P3A is an ideal tool to facilitate the transmission of progress achieved in public research to industry.

Through this pooling scientific, technical means (measuring, testing, calculations) and logistics, the Labcom P3A aims to:

  • To consolidate the current position of the partners in their respective fields and instill the necessary dynamic to the ambition to dispute the scientific and technical leadership in the international competition of original sources characterization techniques aeroacoustics by multi-sensor antennerie.
  • To be able to test the algorithms and methodologies developed in the laboratory
    in an industrial application context and industrialize new acoustic imaging tools.
  • Become a coherent and unique interface to respond in a coordinated and effective
    manner to the demands of industry, but also calls for collaborative research projects (ANR, Europe, …).


Contact our expert : Christophe Picard