Sound source localization

MicrodB and Siemens Industry Software will present a paper at DAGA2018

MicrodB and Siemens Industry Software will present a paper entitled “Sound Source Localization Analysis in the Combustion Cycle of ICE Powertrains” at DAGA 2018 in Munich from the 19th to the 22nd of March

In order to help engine manufacturers optimize powertrain noise, MicrodB and Siemens Industry Software NV propose Sound source localization techniques supported by advanced processing.

The application of a cyclic Wiener filter relying on reference cylinder pressure sensors effectively separates microphone array data into combustion and mechanical components. Sound source localization of these separated components makes it possible to identify the main sources related to combustion and mechanical noise.

The powertrain noise – mechanical and/or combustion – can also be analyzed in segments of the combustion cycle itself. This requires pre-processing in the angle domain, after which sound source localization is applied on angular ranges.

During the presentation those two processes will be described and applied to engine test bench experimental data.