LUG2 project at NOVEM 2018

MicrodB, INSA Lyon and CNRS will present a paper entitled « SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS OF ACOUSTIC INVERSE PROBLEMS » at NOVEM 2018 Ibiza from 7th to the 9th May

The characterisation of an acoustic source is achieved by retro-propagating the acoustic field measured with a microphone array to a mesh of the surface of interest. This latter step is performed by solving an inverse problem. Such inverse problems are built on the basis of a forward model prone to uncertainties arising from the physics of the experiment.

Assessing the effects of these uncertainties on the resolution of the inverse problem represents a challenge. This paper introduces a practical solution to measure these effects by conducting a sensitivity analysis. The sensitivity analysis method applied here provides a mean to identify and rank the main sources of uncertainty through the estimation of sensitivity indices. Two inverse methods are investigated for the reconstruction of a monopole source: Beamforming and Bayesian focusing. The propagation of uncertainties is carried on numerically. The consistency between the real experiment and its numerical approximation is assessed by means of a small batch of measurements performed in a semi-anechoic chamber.