Generalized Acoustic Holography for sound power characterization

MicrodB offers a new 3D method based on microphone array for quantification of sound power of complex components.

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During the past years, MicrodB has jointly worked with INSA Lyon, Honeywell Turbo Technology, Renault and PSA in research and industrial projects to develop and validate the Generalized Acoustic Holography for accurate sound power quantification. The methodology and results of this work can be found through different publications in international congress:

The innovation compared to standardized method (sound intensity measurements or sound power determination based on pressure measurements) lays on working:

  • In non-specific acoustic environment with microphone array techniques and more realistic transfer functions to back-propagate sound field,
  • In 3 dimensions to better fit the complete sound field radiated by noisy object keeping the capability to extract individual radiated sound power by component,
  • with an extension of the Bayesian focusing technique estimating the 3D sound source distribution without too much restrictive assumption like planar or spherical acoustic holography.