A first worldwide in acoustic imaging

This is a big step for MicrodB and a small step towards establishing a standard!

The FUI project LUG2, labeled by Minalogic, proposes to develop a new generation of acoustic arrays to accurately identify, localize and quantify noise sources in a complex environment, using user-friendly, optimized and low-cost systems. These systems can be used in many industrial applications including transportation, mechanics, defense and energy. To achieve this objective, the project brings together three SMEs and three laboratories within the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region.

Following the kick-off of the project in February 2017, the first results of LUG2 began to come thanks to the work carried out jointly by the Vibrations and Acoustics Laboratory of INSA Lyon and MicrodB.

Using a statistical approach and using a Markov-Monte-Carlo Chain (MCMC) method, it is now possible to obtain a confidence interval associated with each acoustic source power estimate.



SME’s: MicrodB (www.microdb.fr), Terabee(www.terabee.com) and Rtone (www.rtone.fr), all members of the Minalogic cluster.

Laboratories : INSA/LVA, MaiMoSiNE, ICJ

The LUG2 Project is supported by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region and BPIFrance.